Why Tracy Anderson Champions MitoQ

Tracy Anderson knows the importance of making smart choices. The fitness entrepreneur and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method is a busy woman who doesn’t have time to slow down. So, when it comes to supporting her physical, mental and overall wellness, she needs something that will give her the support she needs.

In a recent interview with, Tracy explains that looking to your cells is a great place to start. Helping to keep your mitochondria (the powerplants of the cell) at optimal levels is important as it is where energy is made. Thanks to dwindling levels of CoQ10, our mitochondria start to decline in function naturally, studies suggest, from the age of 30.

In order to help ensure her mitochondria are functioning at their prime, Tracy supplements with MitoQ.

“I really champion [MitoQ’s] innovation to be able to get CoQ10 which is an antioxidant in all of us that starts to leave our bodies in our 30s … our supply diminishes as we age and it’s vital to our health. You can’t get enough of it in food, that’s one thing that we know. Many of the forms of CoQ10 out there don’t get to the center of the mitochondria but the science behind MitoQ is that it does … that’s really remarkable.”

By adding MitoQ to her daily routine, Tracy knows she is making a smart choice for herself every morning.

Tracy Anderson and MitoQ

“MitoQ is amazing and I take two every single day."

This allows Tracy to spend the rest of her day creating online classes, serving her clients, attending events and being a mom with one less thing to think about.

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