Working From Home? Here's How To Be More Productive

While initially working from home seems like a joy, the honeymoon phase begins to wear off. Working from home for many is a struggle filled with distractions, additional responsibilities, difficulty communicating effectively, and unclear boundaries between work and personal time.

To be more productive while working at home, you need to first set up clear boundaries. With clear boundaries that separate work from personal time, you can work on your productivity. You can increase your productivity while at home by implementing work cycles, creating a designated work space within your home, continuing to get ready for work, exercising, and eating a balanced diet.

Clear boundaries

The first step to increasing your productivity while working from home is to set clear restrictions to the time you are working.

A typical situation that arises when switching to work from home is that employees feel as if they need to constantly be online doing something and end up working well over the amount of time that they should. This situation is understandable as there are no clear indications that you should stop working besides the clock.

Society often sees the ideal employee as the individual who constantly stays late, burns the midnight oil, and is on a non-stop train. This ideal of a hardworking employee may seem admirable, but in most cases this kind of work behavior is not sustainable.

It has been shown that rest is a necessary component of facilitating better performance. In reality, the ideal employee is that who delivers results while also taking care of themselves and their wellbeing. This kind of employee is able to deliver more consistent results because their approach is sustainable and not about the short term gains of overextending themselves.

If you are salaried for a company you are giving a certain number of hours of your effort a week and in return you get a paycheck. When you work over the time agreed upon, you are essentially causing yourself to earn less per hour because the business is not paying you to work extra hours. Even if you are self employed or are paid on an hourly basis, working longer days is not the solution to getting more done in a day.

While working more hours may seem like the ultimate way to increase your productivity, this ideology is flawed because it is not a sustainable way of getting more done.

To start increasing your productivity while working from home you need to have a clear understanding of the time you are allotting for work. With a clear timeframe in mind you can then determine how to best utilize that time to increase your productivity.

Work cycles

Working from home offers many benefits and one of those is increased independence and the ability to make your work schedule flexible. While these are nice things to have, they can lead to procrastination and ultimately result in you spending countless hours in a day to get the items you are responsible for done.

A great productivity hack you can utilize to avoid this scenario and to add some structure to your work schedule is to utilize timed work cycles. Timed work cycles utilize a timer to signify how long you need to work and how long you get to take a break. The most popular timed work cycle is known as the Pomodoro method. Pomodoro utilizes a 25 minute working time period followed by a five minute break time. After four cycles you are allotted a 15 minute long break.

The work period is unique because the Pomodoro method forces you to give your undivided attention to your work for the 25 minutes set. Once you hit a break you can go do whatever you want to for the amount of time designated for the break.

Pomodoro is a great method because it can make large and daunting tasks more manageable. It is also great for time management as each cycle is equivalent to just 30 minutes. In a given eight hour work day an individual using the Pomodoro method would undergo around 16 cycles and will most likely be able to get more done since they have not been working continuously throughout the entire day.

The Pomodoro method is a great framework, but the 25 minute work sessions may be too short for you. If your work is best suited for longer periods of time you could utilize 50 minute cycles with a 10 minute break, or 90 minute work sessions that are followed by a 20 minute break. The possibilities for timed work cycles are limitless and they can be tailored to work with you to provide the best results for your productivity.


Designated work space

People grow accustomed to commuting to and from work and that the physical distance between work and home allows people to distance themselves mentally from their work while at home.

When you take an individual that has created these associations and place them in a work from home environment there is no longer the separation between work and home life.

This situation can result in one of two scenarios. The first is that your work life begins to bleed into your home life and you begin over working. The second is that your home life begins to bleed into your ability to work and you get less done. Ultimately both are harmful to your ability to be productive, and should be avoided.

A great solution to this issue is to create a designated workplace within your home that is a separate space. Placing a desk in a guest bedroom or even just having a specific location in your home where you get work done can allow you to start associating that spot with getting work done. If possible, this designated workplace should not be in areas that you utilize for leisurely activities or sleep.

Creating a designated workplace can allow you to retain your physical boundaries of work and leisure time. Simply act as though your designated workplace is the office you once entered and once the day is over just leave your at home workspace and come back to it tomorrow.

Get ready for work

When people go to work from home it can be easy to begin slacking in your self care and appearance. With only your upper torso and face showing during Zoom meetings, it can be tempting to just throw on a pair of sweatpants.

Rather than wearing your pajamas to bed, you should continue to act as though you are going into the office and care about your appearance and self care. Doing good work requires you to feel good and by caring about your selfcare you can facilitate that feeling of confidence.

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With the added flexibility that work from home provides, you should consider improving your own physical flexibility through routine exercise. Exercise has been shown to help increase energy levels as well as focus and mental clarity.

Work from home makes it incredibly easy to take a short break and go for a quick jog, run, bike ride, or do a quick yoga session. Regardless of what you do, getting out and active can greatly improve your ability to get things done within the workday.

Healthy eating

Along a similar note of exercise, working from home allows you the opportunity to utilize your kitchen to whip up nutritious meals. Take advantage of this and ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition which can help fuel your working hours to stay productive.

Even with your best efforts you may find that certain aspects of your nutrition may be lacking.

Utilizing supplements alongside a healthy diet can help you in ensuring your body is fueled with the best there is. MitoQ is a fantastic supplement that can help bolster your energy levels, support mental focus and help maintain general well being -- all keys to success for productivity!


In summary, working from home can be a challenge. As with any large change, the secret to succeeding is accepting that you have the power to make it work.

The first and perhaps most important step is to set clear boundaries between working and leisure times. With a designated working time you can attempt to increase the amount of things you can do during that time.

To increase your productivity you can begin utilizing work cycles, creating a designated work space within your home, continuing to get ready for work, exercising, and eating a balanced diet.

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Reviewed by: Asha Hira/ BPharm

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