55% of Americans aren't familiar with their cellular health!

We recently worked with OnePoll to find out what limits American’s the most. Despite 44% of people saying their success was limited by a lack of energy, 55% aren’t familiar with cellular health!

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As cellular health specialists, we’re always interested in learning more about how we can help people push through limits, overcome challenges and live life on their terms. Once you dive into the science, it’s a no-brainer that the energy each of us puts into life begins within our cells – healthy cells = a healthy you. Obviously, cellular nutrition plays a huge role in this. So, when we teamed up with OnePoll to survey Americans on what limits them the most, we were surprised to learn that only 45% of Americans are familiar with cell health! Here’s what the survey uncovered – and here are our solutions for anyone who can relate to the results.

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59% of Americans say they “always” or “often” experience low energy

Based on this statistic, a lack of energy is an obvious barrier in the lives of the majority of Americans. If you count yourself among them, you might want to learn about how your cells are responsible for your body’s energy production – and how you can help them to function at their best.

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43% say they would become entrepreneurs if they had fewer limits

If they had the choice between working as performing artists, lawyers or entrepreneurs – 43% of Americans would opt for the latter – if only they had less limits. Does this sound like you?

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39% say time is their biggest barrier

We live in a world where everyone’s busy – we're all trying to cram as much into our days as possible. While we can’t add more time to your day, our ambassador Nick Allen does have some advice for increasing your margins.

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38% say willpower limits their success

This is a tricky one, particularly if you struggle with willpower as well as having enough time and energy. Taking care of your cells might help with the first two, but to master your willpower, it’s important to hold yourself accountable.

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Despite these limits, 55% of Americans aren’t familiar with cellular health

In response to this statistic, celebrity trainer and MitoQ ambassador Gunnar Peterson commented, “I think they’re missing an easy fix. If you can find a cell health product that’s been bioengineered to get deep into cells and boost your body’s daily energy, focus and endurance levels, then that’s taking away some significant limits on what you can achieve with your life, and why wouldn’t you do that?”

MitoQ is scientifically proven to combat cell stress, supporting the health of your cells. To learn more, read An intro to MitoQ in 5 easy steps.

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