An intro to MitoQ in 5 easy steps

MitoQ's breakthrough science can be confusing. Learn what MitoQ is and why it’s worth taking in 5 steps.

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If you’re new to the world of MitoQ and want to understand what all of the fuss is about, we’ve created a simple beginner’s guide to get you started. In five quick steps, learn what MitoQ is, why it’s worth taking and how it relates to the famous CoQ10 supplement.

Why is cell health the foundation of good health?

Your body is made almost entirely of cells, and therefore they’re responsible for every thought, action and emotion you have. So it stands to reason you want your cells to be as healthy as possible, right? Unfortunately, as you age, your cell function can decline, which can affect your health and quality of life. This happens in your body’s powerhouses: the mitochondria. Not only do these clever little organelles create your vital cell energy, they also play an essential role in healthy bodily function. When your mitochondria are operating at their best, your cells are able to perform at their best too: giving you optimal support for great levels of energy, mental focus, recovery, immunity and everyday health.

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What affects good cell health?

Your cell powerhouses play a vital role in managing the everyday damaging effects of excess free radicals, which are made within mitochondria as a by-product of the energy production process. To counter this, the mitochondria also produce a supply of the antioxidant CoQ10, to defend your cells against free radical damage. When your CoQ10 levels start to decline due to age or other lifestyle factors, excess free radicals have more freedom to damage your cells, and your body can go into a state of oxidative stress. Think of it like a bunch of gatecrashers interrupting your dinner party and trashing your house! If your cells are compromised like this, you can feel lacking in energy, have brain fog, be more susceptible to illness, be slow to recover from things like colds, stress or intense exercise, notice the effects of aging more and have sub-optimal health.

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How do you optimize cell health?

While CoQ10 supplements have been available for a long time, the problem is that the mitochondria have a tough outer barrier that doesn’t let things through in meaningful doses. To solve this, in the 1990s biochemist Professor Robin Smith and mitochondrial specialist Professor Michael Murphy developed an advanced formula of CoQ10, now known as MitoQ. Our special molecule is smaller and has a positive charge that enables it to target inside the mitochondria where it sets to work giving them far superior support and optimizing cell health. That’s why we say MitoQ is so much more than just a supplement, it’s actually a breakthrough for human health.

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What does MitoQ do?

When your cells are healthy, instead of focusing on managing damage, they’re able to concentrate on their ‘day jobs’. For example, your heart cells can better supply your body with the vital nutrients it needs to function, your brain cells are able to better control the mother ship, and your muscle cells have enough energy to do the latest Tik Tok dance with your kids. Despite living busy lifestyles, many of our customers and ambassadors find that MitoQ levels up their body and mind, so they can get closer to their fitness goals, family goals, business goals and other personal goals.

Is MitoQ supported by research?

Over twenty years of research has been carried out on MitoQ and to-date there have been nine clinical trials and over 500 independent research papers published on its benefits to health, in addition to hundreds of positive customer and expert reviews. Head over to our Clinical Trials and Research Studies to learn how MitoQ can support heart health, reduce exercise-induced damage, and more. From there, don’t forget to take a look at how MitoQ supports our ambassadors and customers to get more energy, health and performance in their day, year, and life!

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