Champion hand-cyclist Jono Nelson is #PoweredByMitoQ

MitoQ ambassador Jono Nelson is one inspiring guy. He’s a champion hand-cyclist - he’s competed at the world championships, three world cups and, in 2018, he was ranked 28th in the world. As well as these achievements, outside of hand-cycling, he works as a community support worker and is also a dedicated husband to his wife, Sharon.

Jono Neilson, hand cyclist

“I was born with spina bifida”, explains Jono. “In my case, that means I was born paralyzed from the waist down and I spend my life in a wheelchair. But, in reality, I’m no different to anyone else. I live life to the fullest. I go to work, I’m married and my passion is pushing my body harder and faster than I’ve ever gone before.”

Typically, Jono rides up to 300km per week – he’s currently aspiring to compete in the 2024 Paralympics. Balancing this training alongside his work and relationships can be a challenge – and, for Jono, that’s where MitoQ comes in.

“To me, energy is everything. I come home from work, I get out my bike, I train: rain, hail or snow – it doesn’t matter. So far, that is the major thing I have found MitoQ has done for me. It means me giving 100% to my cycling, every day.

“I’ve been taking MitoQ now for just over a month. For me, I’ve noticed better mental clarity, my recovery between training sessions has improved and I definitely have more energy. I don’t have that 3 o’clock slump anymore.

“(MitoQ) doesn’t make me superhuman but it definitely helps me with my passion of going faster, going further – and it makes me feel alive, I guess! It makes me be the me I want to be.”

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