How a memory champion is preparing to summit Mount Everest

Nelson Dellis, a 4x USA Memory Champion and one of the leading memory experts in the world, loves to push himself both mentally and physically. Recently he spoke to Woman’s Health Magazine about his plans to summit Mount Everest, hoping to make it to the top after three devastatingly close tries.

Nelson Dellis

This time he is training harder and smarter than ever before and one of his not so secret weapons is MitoQ +Curcumin.

His success in memory games taught him how to push himself mentally, and it made him want to see how else he could challenge himself. Going for the top of Everest a fourth time is one way he’s doing just that.

The 35-year-old hasn’t made it to the 29,029-foot peak of Mount Everest just yet, but he’s come seriously close. Hair-raising conditions, illness and failed equipment have held him back in the past but this time, he’s preparing for the two-month climb more efficiently than ever. He has learnt a lot in the past on his three so-close-he-could-taste-it attempts, he knows exactly what his body—and mind—needs to get him to the top.

While long, low intensity workouts and high calorie diets ensure that his body is ready for the trip, Nelson also supplements with MitoQ + Curcumin.

The first month of the two-month trip is climbing to basecamp and acclimatizing to the high altitudes. The second month is when it gets “super physical” and by that point, Nelson says, “everything hurts.” It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how slowly. “This part of the trip is more of a mental challenge than anything else. Your ability to keep going has to do with what you’re doing inside your head,” he explains.
So to condition his mind for the mental challenge of climbing Everest he has started taking MitoQ + Curcumin.

“I feel like a fresher and slightly sharper version of myself when taking the supplements daily,” he says. MitoQ also helps him tune out distractions, which also improves his memory training.

With another year to train, Nelson is set to take on Everest May 2020. We look forward to following his journey to reach the peak and watching him conquer all 29,029 feet.

+ Read Nelsons inspirational interview on the Woman's Health Magazine website

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