How to support your mental wellbeing as a busy working parent

MitoQ recently surveyed 2,000 parents to find out how we can better support their mental and physical energy needs. Many of the MitoCrew weren’t all that surprised by the individual results (many of us are parents ourselves), but when we put it all together one thing became extremely obvious: parents feel like a lack of energy is preventing them from living up to their full potential.

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With more energy or better mental focus, 53% of parents said they would prioritize being more available to have fun with their family. 49% said they would use that energy and focus to live a healthier life and 46% said they’d participate in hobbies/activities more regularly. Well, we’ve looked at the statistics and we’re keen to offer you some solutions – so that you and your family can get the most out of life.

26% of working parents forget to exercise

Our top 3 solutions

  • Go easy on yourself! Running around after kids can be a workout in itself
  • Focus on workouts that you can do with your kids (read 20 Fun Workouts To Try With Your Kids)
  • Talk to your partner/family about a daily allocation of “you time” where you can workout and recharge

33% of working parents forget to eat regularly

Our top 3 solutions:

  • Eat when your kids do
  • Carry a superfood smoothie with you and sip on it throughout the morning/afternoon
  • Carry healthy snacks with you throughout the day e.g. nuts, seeds, fruit and raw vegetables

35% of parents who work from home/an office get the “Monday blues”

Our top 3 solutions

  • Create a morning routine that helps you begin the day in a positive mindset, even if it’s just listing three things that you’re grateful for
  • Start a Monday tradition of treating yourself to a tasty lunch with a friend/family member
  • Reward yourself at the end of the day: find something achievable that you’ll enjoy. It might be taking your kids to the beach after school or booking in a nanny for the afternoon so that you can have some “you time”

44% of working parents forget to stay hydrated

Our top 3 solutions:

  • Put a big glass/bottle of water on your bedside table at night. Gulp it down with MitoQ first thing in the morning
  • Running around after preschoolers? Every time you remind them to drink water, remember to have a sip yourself
  • Set water break alarms on your phone

6/10 parents said they don’t get enough sleep

Our top 3 solutions

  • Create a sleeping schedule/routine that supports YOU and your kids
  • Create a relaxing sleep environment in your children’s bedroom/s and your own
  • Stay away from coffee later in the day

64% of parents feel they would be better at balancing work and parenting if they had more energy

Our top 3 solutions:

  • Our customers frequently report experiencing a lift in energy and mental focus after taking MitoQ. Begin your 3-month trial and start supporting your energy and focus on a foundational level
  • Ask for support: you might not realize it, but your loved ones are likely more than happy to spend a few hours with the kids so that you can rest and restore your energy
  • Read How To Have More Energy Without Using Caffeine

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