Is MitoQ Safe?

We want all of our customers to feel like they are making an informed choice when they take MitoQ. So, we’ve put together a collection of information so that you can feel comfortable and excited in the knowledge that you’re taking a thoroughly studied and analyzed cellular health breakthrough. Since MitoQ entered the market in 2013, its quality and safety has been measured in the following ways...

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MitoQ has self-affirmed GRAS status

MitoQ is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). This means that it has been independently assessed for toxicological safety, and approved by a panel of toxicologists. Also referred to as “the science of safety”, toxicology explores the safety and potentially adverse effects of ingredients on humans.

MitoQ is safe beyond the recommended dose

9 clinical studies have been carried out on MitoQ, with doses ranging from 10-80mgs per day – producing an excellent safety record. While MitoQ’s recommended daily dose is 10mg per day, clinical trials and studies have shown MitoQ to be safe well beyond the recommended dose.

Does MitoQ have side effects?

Occasionally, people who take MitoQ may experience mild side effects such as an upset stomach and nausea. These are mild in nature with MitoQ having a lot more benefits! Typically, our customers find that MitoQ supports their energy, mental focus, recovery from intense exercise, overall wellbeing and so much more.

MitoQ is supported by 20+ years of research

Mitochondria are increasingly becoming a subject of interest in the world of health. As a result, over twenty years of independent research has been carried out on MitoQ. So far, clinical trials have found that MitoQ significantly fights oxidative stress, reduces levels of free radicals, improves vascular function in healthy older adults, improves leg extension power in healthy older adults and reduces exercise-induced mitochondrial DNA damage – just to name a few findings. Additionally, over 500 peer-reviewed papers have been published on MitoQ – many from some of the world’s leading research institutions.

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MitoQ Pure is Informed-Sport Certified

MitoQ 5mg, MitoQ Heart and MitoQ Blood Sugar are allPure is Informed Sport certified, meaning that all of these products have been tested for substances that are banned from professional sports. This detailed pre and post-certification process is carried out by an internationally recognized quality assurance program. As a result, professional athletes can, and do, take MitoQ to support their cellular health and athletic performance on a daily basis.

Selected products are Informed Choice certified

MitoQ +joint, MitoQ +heart, MitoQ +blood sugar, MitoQ +liver, MitoQ curcumin and MitoQ +eye are all Informed Choice certified. Informed Choice is a global quality assurance supplement testing program, designed to minimize the risks of dietary and sports supplement products from being inadvertently contaminated with prohibited and potentially harmful substances. Supplements are analyzed for over 250 banned substances using a step by step process that has been developed for 55+ years. The Informed Choice logo provides assurance a product has undergone rigorous checks and testing to minimize the risk of contamination with banned substances and is safer for use.

What about the other ingredients within MitoQ’s supplement range? Are they safe?

All of our ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality supplement. They all carry significant data and research to support their quality and safety. Furthermore, the spotlight ingredients selected and formulated are all backed by research. Whether it is L-carnitine in the MitoQ Heart, the green lipped mussel oil extract in MitoQ Joint or the better absorbed chromium picolinate in MitoQ Blood Sugar, each ingredient has been chosen specifically to target and support cellular health and overall wellbeing.

If you have any questions or concerns about MitoQ, please view our certifications and accreditations, customer testimonials – or get in touch with our customer service representatives.


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