Meet our 2022 MitoQ Adventure Racing Team

Meet the members of the 2022 MitoQ Adventure Racing Team and read their MitoQ reviews.


While we’re a small country, we’re pretty mighty in the athletic world. New Zealand is known for being the place of origin of a long list of skilled athletes – and that’s why we’re proud to partner with high-performance athletes like those that make up the MitoQ Adventure Racing Team. Led by pro sports coach and MitoQ ambassador Paul Cadman, the team is made up of Kiwi endurance athletes – all of whom train and compete on top of busy careers. This is especially impressive when you consider they’re going head-to-head with professional athletes who train fulltime.

Some team members have been taking MitoQ for as long as four years ago and others started just a few months ago, depending on when they joined the team. They’ve been monitoring key physical performance biomarkers – with many recording improvements in VO2 max, HRV (heart rate variability) and shortened recovery periods after intense physical training.

To get to know the team and to read their MitoQ reviews, keep reading.

Paul Cadman – Team coach

Paul Cadman endurance coach
Certified endurance coach, accredited sports nutritionist, researcher, multi-sport athlete

Biggest sporting achievement: 1st overall team at Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2020.

Upcoming races: Ironman, Kathmandu Coast to Coast, Prospector MTB Stage Race.

MitoQ review: “In experimenting with MitoQ myself I have experienced heightened recovery during high training load periods. Using Heart Rate Variability and various biomarkers it is clear to me that MitoQ aids in the recovery process, making training far more efficient and effective.”

Tessa Dekker

Tessa Dekker
Multi-sport athlete, key account manager

Biggest sporting achievement: Placed first in the 2019 Kathmandu Coast to Coast in the tandem category and competed in the 2022 GODZONE.

Upcoming races: 5 Passes, Coast to Coast, Swiss Epic MTB Race.

MitoQ review: “I have been taking MitoQ for one and a half years now and I remember it was a few weeks before I noticed the positive impacts. Once I did, back-to-back trainings suddenly felt good. Not feeling exhausted after a four-hour training block became my new normal, meaning the quality of my training improved a lot as well. When you work full-time and spend a lot of time training you need to feel rested, energetic, and focused - and MitoQ helps me with that!”

Ryan Kiesanowski

Ryan Kiesanowski
Multi-sport athlete, veggie farmer, father

Biggest sporting achievement: Finishing 3rd place at 2021 Kathmandu Coast to Coast...with a broken toe. Ryan redefined resilience when he ran, cycled and kayaked a grueling 243 km (150 miles) in the longest day men’s elite race with a time just over 11.5 hours, despite the hefty disadvantage.

Upcoming races: 5 Passes, Motu Challenge.

MitoQ review: “Outside of recovery from training the biggest benefit I see when using MitoQ is on race day. I use a loading protocol in the days leading up to big races like Coast to Coast which really does support a solid performance on the day.”

Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert
Mountain biker, multi-sport athlete, business & finance manager

Biggest sporting achievement: Winning the Prospector MTB Stage race in the Open Women’s category.

Upcoming races: 5 Passes, Le Race, Volcanic Epic MTB Stage Race, Swiss Epic MTB Race.

MitoQ review: “I began taking it during a time when I was racing almost twice a week for a two-month period as well as working my day job. I almost immediately felt the effects of MitoQ as it allowed me to recover quickly and perform at a high level throughout all of the events.”

Craig Oliver

MitoQ adventure racing team cyclist
Mountain Biker, bee keeper

Biggest sporting achievements: Placed 3rd at the 2022 National MTB Championships in the Elite Men’s category and 10th at the U23 World Cup in Canada.

Upcoming races: MTB French Cup, UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in France and the UCI World Cup in Italy.

MitoQ review: “I have been able to stay healthy and avoid getting run-down, which is common when burning the candle at both ends training and working. I believe MitoQ has been a huge part of this which has allowed me to get more consistent training in. I also seem to bounce back quicker after few tough days on the bike so it's aiding in my recovery too.”

Rebecca Kingsford

Rebecca Kingsford
Multi-sport athlete, Ridercare specialist

Biggest sporting achievements: Winning several national titles and going to a number of Elite World Champs as part of the NZ High-Performance Triathlon team, 3rd place at the 2021 NZ Elite MTB Cross Country Champs, 4th place at the 2022 Kathmandu Coast to Coast on debut.

Upcoming races: 2023 Coast to Coast, Able Tasman Coastal Classic, 5passes and Hard Labour.

MitoQ review: “I started taking MitoQ a couple of months ago and have really noticed a big difference with my energy levels after getting COVID. I haven't had any fatigue issues and recovery has been a lot quicker than I expected. Once I start getting back into proper training, I'm really looking forward to seeing how my recovery is from big training blocks.”

Byron Munro

Byron Munro
Multi-sport athlete, civil engineer

Biggest sporting achievements: GODZONE Tasman and Rotorua.

Upcoming races: Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

MitoQ review: “I took MitoQ in the buildup to Godzone 2021 and Coast to Coast 2022 and found I managed to maintain energy and focus at my job, despite many long, and sometimes overnight, training sessions. When you are trying to fit a passion like endurance racing around your day-to-day life you have to take any advantage you can. When it comes to helping energy levels and assisting recovery, I really feel that MitoQ helps me fit it all in.”

Lucy Strack

Lucy Strack
Ironman triathlete, former professional rower

Biggest sporting achievements: Qualifying and competing in the Kona Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

MitoQ review: “My coach and I have trained various blocks with and without MitoQ to monitor performance and perceived efforts. It has made a huge impact on my recovery this year, knowing I can wake up and push my training loads each week has been a game-changer!”

Scott McNab ⁠

MitoQ adventure racing team cyclist
Multi-sport athlete, Chief Revenue Officer

Biggest sporting achievements: GODZONE 2022.

Upcoming races: Competing in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Longest Day.

MitoQ review: “MitoQ has been a go-to for me since I had a bad mountain bike accident. For me, it helped my recovery and helped me to start building consistency into my training. Now I find it most beneficial when I’m really stretched for competing priorities: juggling work, training and home life. I feel like I have more general energy which makes a big difference to getting quality training in once I get home after work.”

Eloise Fry

Eloise Fry
Multi-sport athlete, General Practitioner

Biggest sporting achievements: National XC MTB Racing and 1st women's team at Spring Challenge, Summer Challenge and Spirited Women adventure races in 2021.

Upcoming races: TrueWest Adventure Race 48hrs, Wily Weka Rogaine St Arnaud.

MitoQ review: “I have noticed a big improvement in recovery with MitoQ. I hardly ever have muscle pain after hard training sessions or racing since I started taking it.”

Lachlan Boyle

Lachlan Boyle
Multi-sport athlete, Financial Controller

Biggest sporting achievements: Competing at the Xterra World Championships and placing 2nd at the Kathmandu Coast to Coast in the Tandem category.

Upcoming races: The Prospector MTB Stage Race.

MitoQ review: “The single biggest benefit I feel when taking MitoQ is recovery when in the thick of my training.”

We’re thrilled to be empowering our Adventure Racing team members to conquer new limits this year and continue living life to the fullest. Go team!

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