MitoQ so far: a 2022 recap

New studies, new products, new MitoCrew members + more! 2022 has been a big year for MitoQ – here's what we achieved.

The MitoCrew

Phew, it’s been another big year for the world – and another big year for MitoQ as a company. Through all of its ups and downs, we’ve been so encouraged by the feedback from customers around the world who, in ways big and small, have experienced a positive change in their life after taking the MitoQ molecule.

It’s been a year of changes, and we’re sure there are some you will have missed! So, here’s a quick recap.

New sustainable packaging

At the start of the year, we launched something that had been in the works for quite some time – our new, more planet-friendly packaging. MitoQ bottles, ink and packaging are now all 100% recyclable, and there are more improvements to come.

Learn more about MitoQ’s approach to environmentally-friendly packaging

700+ research studies published

700 independent research papers have now been published on MitoQ – including 15 clinical trials. This year, researchers explored so many of MitoQ’s potential benefits, with notable mentions including three clinical trials on MitoQ and athletic performance from The University of Auckland, and a safety study that specifically tested how human kidneys respond to the influence of ‘acute’, high dose MitoQ supplementation.

Find out how MitoQ increases power outputs with HIIT exercise training

New certifications

We have many different customers with many different needs and priorities – so, we’re always trying to find out more about what certifications are important for you to see on our products. We’re proud to say that MitoQ Pure is Informed Sport certified (making it safer for professional athletes), MitoQ +joint, MitoQ +heart, MitoQ +blood sugar, MitoQ +liver, MitoQ curcumin and MitoQ +eye are Informed Choice certified.

MitoQ Pure, MitoQ +joint, MitoQ +heart, MitoQ +blood sugar, MitoQ +liver, MitoQ curcumin and MitoQ +eye are Halal certified by FIANZ (the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand) and all of our products are licensed by FernMark, which is the government’s stamp of approval that our products are made, grown or designed in New Zealand.

Multiple champion athletes supported

There have been a lot of wins for MitoQ ambassadors and MitoQ-supported athletes this year! OCR champion Rose Wetzel had the most top ten in the world finishes she's ever had in one year, NZ Cycling Project won an array of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places around the world - including member George Jackson winning first place at the Tour of Somerville in Kansas, and handcycling champion Jono Nelson won first place within the men’s handcycle classification at New Zealand's Auckland Marathon. What a year!

14 additions to the MitoCrew

Our team just keeps growing – we've now got 56 MitoCrew members across New Zealand, China and the United States (14 of which joined in 2022!). This includes new team members within our science department, customer service, warehouse and more! We're so grateful to have such a fantastic team – and to be able to continuously increase our capacity to support all of you with your cell health!

Trips to the USA, Canada and China!

Like many of you, we were very relieved to be able to begin traveling again this year. In July, our CEO Mahara Inglis made his way to Vancouver Canada for the ABM Hot Expo and to the USA to discuss MitoQ with customers, doctors and journalists. Many of our team members also traveled to China in order to better serve local customers and to receive awards at multiple events.

We received multiple awards

It's been such a big year for our team – so, it’s been so rewarding to be recognized for our efforts through multiple awards. This year we received:

  • Our rebrand by our brand agency Born Ugly was recognized with two gold awards, two silver awards, and one bronze at the Transform Magazine awards in Sydney!
  • The 2022 NHNE Nutrition Look Annual Innovation Award at the Shanghai 2022 NHNE Nutritional Look Awards
  • The Excellence in Integrating Digital Commerce for Growth award from New Zealand International Business Awards
  • Our partner in digital brand experience and product design Gladeye was awarded silver for our website design at the Best Design Awards.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride – we can’t wait to share all the things that we have in store for 2023 with you!

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