Mother’s day inspiration from wellness expert Kaytee Boyd

Being a mom is one of the most fantastic, frustrating, exhausting, amazing, thankless, rewarding and ever-changing roles you can have in life. Many of us at MitoQ are parents and we know that, while it’s not always easy, one of the best things you can do as a parent is get your own health foundations right by optimizing your cell health, so you have energy and patience to give to your little ones and lead by good example.

a headshot of Kaytee Boyd

With that in mind, we wanted to draw on the expert advice of MitoQ ambassador and wellness expert Kaytee Boyd. In addition to working across two busy clinics as an integrative nutritionist, Kaytee is a Nutrition Society of NZ member, MINND foundation practitioner, a Breast Cancer Network Foundation advisor, weekend cancer masterclass workshop leader and, oh yeah, did we mention she’s also a World Cup gold medallist in track cycling? In other words, she’s the perfect multi-tasker to give advice to busy moms!

Kaytee has some fantastic insights to offer on taking care of your energy, resilience and overall wellbeing - so we thought we’d share them with you...

Mix up your meals

If there are two things that you can expect to find in a Kaytee Boyd Instagram post, it’s nutrition tips and adorable dog photos! In this one, she offers a reminder to keep your meals interesting and packed with nutrition:

“Mix it up, get as MUCH nutrients as you can. Add blackcurrants into your breakfast, aim for 3 extra handfuls of colored veggies a day. Get organized. Make it easy on yourself to help your cells repair, recover and replicate as they should!”

Permit yourself some downtime

The concept of downtime might seem elusive to busy moms, but even 5 minutes of sitting still can feel like a spa break in a crazy day! “Try to balance your energy with a little bit of downtime” was a golden piece of advice that Kaytee recently offered at a MitoQ resilience event. It’s also a topic she often covers on her social media:


“Quiet time IS constructive. It’s healing, rejuvenating, balancing, creates time for reflecting and planning, self-evaluation and an upward spiral of self-awareness. Yeaaaaa! I’m totally down with that!”

Learn how to breathe

In a recent Instagram post, Kaytee shared that her favorite book of 2020 was Breath by James Nestor.

“The book is incredible if you want to learn more about optimizing performance, personal health and wellbeing... James explains mouth breathing and its effects incredibly well: how and why it’s SO crucial to NOT (breathe through our mouths) for our overall health and why/how we need to learn how to breathe better.”

Bathe...in a forest!

The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to improve your health”, told Kaytee in a 2018 social media post.


"Forest bathing - basically just being in the presence of trees - became part of a national public health program in Japan in 1982 when the forestry ministry coined the phrase shinrin-yoku and promoted topiary as therapy.” And better still, this is one you can share with the kids.

Look after your cell health

Everything you do is powered by your cells, and your cells are powered by your mitochondria, so it makes sense to help your cells within their foundations. “I use MitoQ in my clinic all day, every day”, says Kaytee. “One of the reasons that MitoQ is so good is because it helps to boost up those mitochondria... You couldn’t be sitting here, breathing, batting your eyelids, without mitochondria. These things are why we have evolved.

“The mitochondria make things like progesterone. Progesterone is calming, it helps you sleep at night, it’s really important for growing good hair, good skin and good nails. We make the first part of all of our hormones in our mitochondria. For women, this is important because this helps you with menstrual cramping, pain, mood swings, fatigue...Mitochondria are what create your energy!”

Build a healthy support system

As Kaytee perfectly states here: “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”


With that in mind, don’t be afraid to reach out to the amazing women (and men!) in your life if you find yourself needing some support.

Remember: YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

If you haven’t heard it lately, it’s true. You’re doing great, mama – you are enough.

“Yes, you are!”, insists Kaytee on her Instagram. “Just the simple fact you are walking on this earth means you are Worthy. Loved. Enough. Belief comes from the space of kindness and self-love. How are you taking care of YOU this week to foster more of this?”

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