Predicted health trends for 2024

Trends come and go, and with the wide-spread use of TikTok, some much faster than others. But instead of following those fleeting fads that never really stick, we’ve got insight into some of the predicted trends for 2024 that we believe are here to stay.

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Wellness tracking

In our increasingly connected world, it’s no surprise that fitness apps and wearable devices are becoming a staple for the average, health-conscious consumer. One study found that one in five people own a smart watch or fitness tracker, and with the rise in other popular devices like the Aura ring – the technology behind ‘wellness tracking’ is only getting more accurate and specific to an individual’s needs. It’s fair to say that AI took the world by storm in 2023, with AI fitness apps growing by an average annual rate of 17%. If this trend continues (which we have a hunch that it will), research suggests that we can anticipate an increase in the use of fitness-based apps by 191.98% by the end of 2024. What does this mean for consumers? More insights into biomarkers of health, better accuracy when it comes to tracking sleep, fitness, body composition and performance goals, more personalized nutrition and health guidance, and more connection and community building that surround these apps. Sounds pretty good to us!

Protein prioritization

Gone are the days of skipping out on food groups or avoiding specific macronutrients. It’s official, protein isn’t just for the hardcore athletes or gym rats – it's a crucial macronutrient that we need enough of to thrive. 2023 was the year that the idea of protein prioritization popped off on social media. Data from TikTok alone showed that the hashtag #highprotein gained over 2 billion views in the US last year, and health experts believe the hype isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – for good reason!

Following a protein-centric way of eating helps build muscle which is essential for longevity, it helps us feel full and satisfied which supports energy and blood sugar regulation, and it promotes a healthy mindset around food. So we predict that high protein intake is here to stay (for good!).

Skin longevity

Aging is trending topic in the area of skin health and beauty. In 2023, we saw a shift in the way we talk about healthy skin from an anti-aging focus to a longevity lens. With optimizing health and longevity becoming a topic of interest in 2023, beauty brands are starting to tap into the science of longevity and how to provide long-term solutions for maintaininging skin appearance. Skin longevity isn’t about preserving the appearance you had in your 20s or masking signs of aging entirely, it’s about embracing your skin and body. With celebrities and other public figures leaning into their natural beauty more in 2023, we’ve seen the beauty industry follow in turn. We don’t know about you, but our expectations that surround aging are changing for the better – and we are here for it.

Low-key biohacking

If you thought that biohacking was moving away from the spotlight, think again! Wellness experts predict that biohacking will continue on the up, but in a more sustainable and achievable way.

Biohacking refers to the practice of making incremental changes to or enhancing one’s own biology with the goal of improving biomarkers of health, performance and wellbeing. The do-it-yourself approach to health optimization involves strategic interventions which are sometimes perceived as unattainable to the average person looking to improve their wellbeing. The good news is that in 2024, health experts predict that we’re going to see a rise in home-based interventions that can be easily implemented into our lifestyle to improve our wellbeing such as breathwork, intermittent fasting, red light therapy and more.

Plus, the editors at Mind Body Green predict that in 2024, biohacking won’t only be utilized by men – who currently dominate the space. Take it from MitoQ expert, and bio-hacker, Dr Molly Maloof who declares that “Women are the original biohackers, our hormones change throughout our lives and this requires us to adapt accordingly.”

Cellular health

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: mitochondria are the key to longevity. So if you’re at all serious adding emphasis to your health span, that is, adding more life to your years, then you should be prioritizing your mitochondrial health. What does it mean to prioritize your mitochondrial health, exactly? Let us remind you.

Our bodies contain trillions of cells, and inside each of them are “mitochondria”. These tiny organelles convert the food we eat and the air we breathe into “ATP”, the fuel that powers our cells, and in turn, us. Mitochondria are essentially our body’s energy batteries. As we age, their function declines, which . This means that, over time, less energy is generated and cells don't function as well, making us more vulnerable to the natural aging process .

MitoQ is an ultimate biohacking tool, because it is the only antioxidant that can effectively target and help keep our cellular batteries charged. MitoQ helps neutralizes harmful free radicals at the source, before they get the chance to get out and damage our cells. By adding MitoQ to your lifestyle, you can begin to unlock the benefits of better mitochondrial health. To say that we’re excited to be a part of the longevity and health span conversation is an understatement, and we will forever believe that this trend is here to stay.

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