Tap into science to super-power your energy

It’s always fun to sit back and wonder what superhero superpower you’d most like to have. Maybe x-ray vision, sonic speed, time travel? Just how unbeatable could you be, if you could turn on this sort of back-up when you really needed it?

Cell under microscope

With a full on life, super powers would be pretty handy.

Chasing kids; maintaining some sense of order in at home, pursuing your professional ambitions, contributing to the community, finding time for friends and family, squeezing in some exercise – it all takes good planning and tons of energy. Sometimes it comes together – and sometimes it’s just not possible.

What never changes is the fact that you’re at the center of it all. Often you can’t slow things down because there’s too much to do, people depend on you – and you want to achieve all you can. It’s about tapping into supercharged energy that helps you be your best – and you can.

The science behind endurance and resilience is mind blowing. To be at your best you need your body’s cells, all 37 trillion of them, to be powered-up and performing at their best – so they can do all the jobs you need them to do. Let’s explore a bit of the science, because if you’re over 30, it could make a big difference to you.

A scientific breakthrough for a more energized life.

It starts with mitochondria. They’re the tiny power plants inside each of your cells, working hard to produce the energy you need every day.

Mitochondria combine the food we eat and the air we breathe to generate the energy our cells need to operate effectively.

When we’re young and healthy, our mitochondria work at 100% efficiency, giving our cells all the energy they need. We bounce back quickly from injury and illness. As we get older, our mitochondria can naturally start to decline in function – they’re thought to decline at around 10% per decade once we hit our thirties. We don’t notice it immediately, but over time, we can start to have less energy, we don’t recover as quickly from injury or illness and we feel more tired.

Over the last decade, scientists have begun to recognize the link between mitochondrial performance and our health. It’s become increasingly apparent that our overall health – and possibly how fast we age – is related to how well our mitochondria function.

Delivering antioxidants into your mitochondria makes them perform better.

Taking an antioxidant supplement to support mitochondrial performance may be a very good strategy to help sustain the energy levels we need for busy, active lives.

In particular, the right antioxidant supplement can help support the bodies natural ability to combat the harmful effects of free radicals. - a by-product of our cells’ energy production process - similar to exhaust pollution generated by an engine burning fuel. While they might be “free”, these molecules can be dangerous:

  • free radicals can damage the mitochondrial membrane, the outer-wall of the mitochondria, needed to protect the critical energy production process that takes place inside. When this happens, energy production can slow down.
  • if the mitochondrial membrane is weakened, some free radicals can leak into the cell and damage the delicate equipment within it. This is called mitochondrial dysfunction and is known to pose a threat to your overall health.

But if we can help maintain the level of antioxidant protection inside our mitochondria, we can help contain free radical damage, allowing our cells to stay healthier as we get older - maintaining energy production and helping reduce the wear and tear on our cells.

For the first time, this is now possible.

The truth about CoQ10.

You’ve probably heard of CoQ10. It’s a naturally produced antioxidant the mitochondria use to help neutralize the destructive free radicals and minimize any negative impact on energy production.

Regular CoQ10 antioxidant supplements are popular and readily available – however, they’re largely ineffective. Why? Because they can be too big to penetrate the very selective mitochondrial membrane. So while they do get into the bloodstream, they may struggle to get into the mitochondria themselves.

MitoQ is a mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant.

The unique properties of MitoQ were discovered at the University of Otago, New Zealand, where scientists identified a way to shorten CoQ10, making it small enough to penetrate the mitochondrial membrane and combining it with a positive charge – which makes MitoQ instantly attractive to the negatively charged mitochondria.

As a result of these patented modifications, MitoQ is absorbed directly into the mitochondria, hundreds of times more effectively that regular CoQ10 supplements, delivering a payload of free radical defense to our mitochondria, right where it’s needed.

By supporting the mitochondrial free radical defense system, MitoQ achieves the double benefit of supporting mitochondrial performance and helping to reduce free radical damage inside the cell. This supports optimal energy production within the mitochondria and reduces the health risks associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. More capacity and better resilience? What’s not to love?

MitoQ is a significant scientific breakthrough and we believe it can make an important contribution to your ongoing health, happiness and heroics. You need some superpower support? Our world is about helping you get it.

Healthy arteries are mission-critical.

So let’s get back to helping you find that stamina boost you’re dreaming of.

Healthy arteries are going to play a big role in helping you achieve this – transporting blood efficiently around your body, delivering food and oxygen to your cells, stimulating efficient energy production, preserving normal blood pressure – you’re going to need them handling the logistics.

Remember, free radical damage is a significant risk factor to declining arterial health and can, as we age, increase the chances of problems with your cardiovascular health.

Given that 90% of cardiovascular health conditions are considered preventable, helping to limit free radical damage is a great place to start.

MitoQ is formulated specifically to help limit free radical damage inside your cells, supporting the health of your flexible arteries. With your cardiovascular system running like a finely-tuned engine, you can power your body for years to come.

We know you take care of everyone around you - let us help you take care of yourself, because when your cells are revitalized, re-energized and resilient, so are you.

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