We debunk 5 MitoQ misconceptions

If you’re considering trying MitoQ but don't know what to believe - this article is for you.

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We receive a lot of feedback about MitoQ – some from customers who have tried it and love it, some from customers who have just started trying it and aren’t sure what to expect – and some feedback comes from people who really haven’t done their research. And that’s ok. We’re here to help resolve any misconceptions you might have about our breakthrough molecule – and we encourage everyone to carry out independent research so that they know we’re a company, and product, they can trust. Here are 5 common misconceptions about MitoQ – get ready to have them debunked.

#1 – The additional packaging is unnecessary

Fact: The outer packaging is designed to protect your product during shipping

We recently went through a rebrand which was largely influenced by our customers urging us to move toward packaging that was much better for the planet. We agreed that this was a change that urgently needed to occur, and we went through a detailed process to make this happen. Here’s why all the packaging we use is currently necessary – plus, what we’ve done to make our packaging more sustainable.

  • The outer box isn’t there just to look pretty! Through trial and error, we discovered that, without it, your MitoQ product might not make it to you intact. The outer box is solely designed for the protection of your product during shipping.
  • We’ve nearly halved the size of the MitoQ bottle (190ml to 100ml), and entirely removed one of the old layers of packaging, the old shipping box.
  • MitoQ’s bottles, bottle caps, inks and outer-boxes are all 100% recyclable.

All of that said, we’ll be the first to tell you that there’s still more work to be done – and this work is already underway.

To learn more about our packaging, please read: MitoQ’s journey to environmentally friendly packaging

#2 – MitoQ isn’t good for your kidneys

Fact: Researchers have confirmed the safety of MitoQ and kidney health

In 2018, an independent paper was published suggesting that MitoQ may cause mitochondrial swelling and depolarization in kidney tissue. This study was conducted in isolated cells (individual animal cells removed from tissue and cultured externally in a lab) and not within a functioning kidney inside a body, and the MitoQ was administered at concentrations many times higher than would ever be taken as a supplement.

Researchers have confirmed the safety of MitoQ and kidney health in doses up to 160mg (the current recommended dose is 10-20mg). Results from a recent human trial found that acute, high-dose MitoQ supplementation did not result in high concentrations of kidney injury biomarkers compared to placebo. In fact, this new research suggests that there is good preliminary evidence that ongoing MitoQ use in the normal range (10mg-20mg) is beneficial to kidney health, and to date there have been over 25 studies on MitoQ showing various benefits of MitoQ to kidney health.

To learn more about this research, please read: Scientists confirm safety of MitoQ and kidney health

#3 – MitoQ doesn’t have the research to back up its claims

Fact: Over 700 independent, peer-reviewed research papers have been published on MitoQ

Because your cells influence functions throughout your body, MitoQ’s ability to support cell health and overall health has been studied in a diverse range of areas. In healthy participants, MitoQ’s benefits have been found to span across athletic performance, cardiovascular health, mitochondrial health and much, much more. We encourage you to explore this independent research for yourself.

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Is MitoQ safe?

We measure the quality and safety of MitoQ in the following ways...

#4 – It doesn’t have any effect

Fact: Human studies have recorded MitoQ’s benefits within a 4-6-week timeframe

Everyone experiences MitoQ differently. For some, it works away silently supporting your cell health – even if you don’t feel a dramatic change. For others, its effects are quite sudden and obvious. Clinical trials have recorded its benefits - typically within a 4-6 week timeframe. However, to feel a difference, we encourage customers to try MitoQ for an initial three-month period to enable MitoQ to take effect within your body’s ongoing cellular cycle. Not sure what to look out for? Here’s what a few of our customers have said about MitoQ within their independent reviews on Trustpilot.

“I have taken these supplements from when it first came on the market in New Zealand. I read the scientific rationale behind product in the business pages of the local newspaper. It made sense and I trusted the integrity of the Otago Medical School. The products have certainly provided increased daily energy. Now in my seventies and still running my small business of over thirty three years, I know I have benefited from my daily use of MitoQ. I take four capsules these days, enjoy Pilates and cycling and I look forward to many more years of active living.” - David Trerise, based in the USA

“Been using the product for a couple of years now and truly believe it keeps my aging active body in good nick. The reason for this, I notice when I forget to take it for a week or so, my body is more tired, takes longer to recover and just feels lethargic. I take 2 every morning as soon as I wake up.” - Pauline, based in Australia

“The greatest CQ10 I have ever taken. I feel great after taken it for two weeks on. It was recommended by my cardiologist, as the best product on the market.” - FY, based in the USA

“I was a little unsure as this is a new product for me to purchase and it is high end price wise. However I have noticed an increase in my energy and mental focus. Also I am awake when I wake up in the morning which is different for me. Not an early bird!!! It is still early days but I have ordered more.” - Susie, based in the UK

“This is a great product. I bought the trio pack for mito health. Just brilliant, I have a clear head, energy and feeling sprightly.” - Verified customer, based in the UK

#5 – It's very expensive

Perspective: It’s a scientifically proven health investment that costs about as much as a good cup of coffee per day

Yes, MitoQ is an investment – but when you understand the work and research going into it, added to the fact that it’s about the cost of a good cup of coffee per day, you may see it a little differently – especially given MitoQ helps you have sustained energy rather than peak and crash energy.

The cost of MitoQ is a result of the nature of the product itself. Developing a world-first ingredient (like MitoQ) involves decades of research and investment which is why new ingredients on the market yield a higher cost. The cost of making a scientific breakthrough, undergoing years of testing to ensure it's safe for human consumption, patenting the new technology, investing in research (clinical studies cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to conduct) and working with an ingredient that is extremely expensive to manufacture - all of these things add up and have to be reflected in the final cost of a product once it reaches market. However, we do realize the price may be an issue for some, so to help, we have launched a monthly subscription service that allows you to access 15% off and free shipping.

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Discover the benefits of a MitoQ subscription

Select the 'Subscription – Save 15%' option when purchasing.

We’ll automatically send you your MitoQ every 30 days, plus you can enjoy free shipping on each subscription delivery.

Manage your subscription at any time. Need a break? Skip months as needed or cancel anytime - no questions asked.

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