Your questions answered: everything you want to know about MitoQ

We recently gave you the opportunity to “ask us anything” on our social media channels. Here’s what you asked – and here are our answers.

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We understand that the science behind MitoQ can be a lot to decipher and we’re always looking for ways to demystify this. If you follow MitoQ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you likely came across our recent post giving you the opportunity to “ask us anything”. Thank you to everyone who sent through their questions – here are the answers to everything you wanted to know. If we’ve missed anything, please check out our FAQ page or feel free to contact us.

Are there any side effects or conflicts to be aware of at higher dosages?

While MitoQ’s recommended dose is 10mg per day, it’s been studied in doses up to 80mg per day – producing an excellent safety record within these dose ranges. In rare cases, some people may experience mild side effects such as an upset stomach and nausea. MitoQ has many certifications and accreditations to support its safety record including self-affirmed GRAS status, 14 clinical trials, Informed Sport certification (MitoQ Pure) and Informed Choice certification (MitoQ + joint, MitoQ +heart, MitoQ +blood sugar, MitoQ +liver, MitoQ curcumin & MitoQ + eye). To learn more about MitoQ’s safety record, please read: Is MitoQ safe?

Is MitoQ safe for patients undergoing chemo?

If you have cancer, we strongly recommend discussing your proposed use of MitoQ (or any other supplements) with your oncologist first.

Can I increase my dosage?

MitoQ’s safety has been studied in doses up to 80mg per day – resulting in an excellent safety record. Although you can take more than 2 capsules per day, we recommend that your overall MitoQ intake remains between 2 to 4 capsules per day. We recommend slowly increasing to 3-4 capsules to see whether a higher dose works for you and if you do not notice any difference, you can resort back to 2 capsules.

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Your logo is cool - where did the inspiration for it come from?

We’re so happy you like it! Our new logo is inspired by the ripple effect that MitoQ can have. The red hexagon in the middle represents the MitoQ molecule. The dots surrounding the molecule are cells. When the cells come into contact with MitoQ, a positive impact begins.

Where can I find the ingredients?

The MitoQ molecule found in all of our products is a world-first, patented molecule that was created by scientists at the University of Otago in New Zealand. If you’re interested in finding out what ingredients are in our MitoQ enhanced formulas, you can view our ingredient lists by clicking “learn more” on each product on our shop page.

Which products are suitable for those who follow a plant-based/vegetarian diet?

MitoQ Joint is the only MitoQ product that contains animal-sourced ingredients (green lipped mussel oil and gelatin). All of the ingredients in our other products are suitable for those on a vegetarian or plant-based diet. You can view each product’s ingredient list via our shop page.

Please note: MitoQ +hydrate (only available in specific countries) and MitoQ Skin Support Complex (which has been discontinued) also contain animal-sourced ingredient - marine collagen, and therefore may not be suitable for those on a vegetarian/plant-based diet.

Does MitoQ help with sleeping habits?

Some MitoQ customers do report experiencing more energy/improved rest and recovery after taking MitoQ. While we don’t currently have any clinical trials to support this, a lot of studies have explored the relationship between sleep and mitochondrial health. Because MitoQ supports mitochondrial health, there could be a positive link between MitoQ and sleep. If you’d like to learn about current research surrounding mitochondria and sleep, please read: How does sleep affect mitochondria? (mitoq.com)

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Does MitoQ affect blood pressure?

Research has found that MitoQ can support healthy blood flow. In 2018, a clinical trial conducted by investigators at the University of Colorado Boulder was published. It found that, by taking 20mg of MitoQ a day over 6 weeks, participants were able to significantly improve their arterial dilation, support the health of their aorta and fight oxidative stress. You can learn more about this research here: Heart benefits of MitoQ found in University of Colorado clinical trial

Why do you still have an outer box?

The outer box is solely for the protection of the bottle during shipping. When redesigning our packaging, we carefully considered what elements were crucial and what could be excluded. If we did not protect the bottle with the outer box, there was a high risk of the bottle being damaged during transit or being additionally packed in non-environmentally friendly packaging by our couriers. We tested many different materials and packaging scenarios and found that the combination of a single reinforced outer box and Ecowrap provided the best protection from damage by knocks and liquid, while also being the most planet friendly option, as they can still be widely recycled and composted.

If you’d like to learn more about our packaging choices, please read: MitoQ’s journey to environmentally friendly packaging

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What level of recycling efficacy does the packaging have? And are there plans to reduce this?

MitoQ’s new bottles, bottle caps, inks and outer boxes are all 100% recyclable. We also looked into the option of creating compostable packaging for our products, however, our final decision came down to the question of theory vs. practice. Being based in New Zealand means we’re pretty familiar with composting, so it seemed like an obvious choice. We quickly realized that it wasn’t the most environmentally friendly option considering where most of our product ends up. The vast majority of MitoQ users are based in the United States and China, which typically don’t have readily-available home composting.

That being said, we fully realize that there’s more work to be done. We're continuously looking for ways to take small steps toward a more impactful MitoQ. To learn more about the steps we’re currently taking to create planet-friendly packaging – please read: MitoQ’s journey to environmentally friendly packaging

Why did you discontinue the skincare range?

We have temporarily discontinued MitoQ’s skincare options while we make some improvements. The skin is the largest organ and is entirely made up of cells, therefore, it continues to be an area we plan on supporting people with. Stay tuned – we're expecting to have some skincare updates for you later in 2022.

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