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The liver and oxidative stress

Our liver is able to self-regenerate but this process can be overwhelmed if free radical attack is constant or if viruses inflict severe damage. Learn more...

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The heart and oxidative stress

What is oxidative stress and what does it do to our heart? Learn about the heart, what causes the problem and the solution.

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Heart Health And How MitoQ Helps

A properly functioning heart is highly dependent on properly functioning mitochondria. Learn how MitoQ can play a role in your heart health...

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How to get the most out of your MitoQ

Want to know how and when to take MitoQ? We take you through four simple steps on how to get the best out of your MitoQ.

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MitoQ Eye

Support optimal visual function with MitoQ

Many health conditions can affect your eyes. Learn how to support eyes at a cellular level to supports normal vision, eye health & retinal function

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Blood sugar health and how MitoQ helps

Your body regulates your blood sugar levels to keep them steady which is controlled by hormones such as insulin.

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Octadecenedioic acid is derived from sunflower seeds

The truth about octadecenediotic acid

Don’t be put off by the word octadecenedioic. It is an interesting skincare ingredient that can treat hyperpigmentation while being completely non-toxic.

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CoQ10 supplements: the best CoQ10 vs. the rest - MitoQ

What is the difference between MitoQ & CoQ10? MitoQ provides a huge antioxidant boost & helps restore energy metabolism in poorly functioning mitochondria.

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MitoQ Eye

Ingredient spotlight: Lutemax 2020® Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Ingredient: Lutemax Lutein and Zeaxanthin, key ingredients in MitoQ Eye. Discover the amazing properties of these two premium products for eye health.

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